S.Photographers Team is Taking all Safety Measures During Covid-19

Since we have now been through a few projects last month and experienced the post covid-19 weddings, we thought to inform all our clients as well as visitors to let them know what kind of safety measures are we taking to ensure we abide by government protocols, and above all to safeguard humanity. Because we do not want anybody else to get infected because of us or an individual from our team. We wish safety for everyone.

First and foremost, every individual in our team is mature enough to understand their responsibility towards society, especially when we are facing a pandemic.

Further to this, here are some of the steps we are taking at our end to ensure a safe and smooth wedding photography throughout for clients:


  • We ensure and check overall health of team members a day before the shoot
  • We carry and use faceshields as and when necessary
  • Each individual from the team carry their own mini hand sanitizer and use it as and when necessary
  • Bringing mask and wearing it throughout is compulsory for the whole team
  • We try to keep maximum social distance from other people


Though the fact is that there will always be that and sometimes in the heat of the moment some people may forget to follow the necessary protocols, but still we always try our best.


Stay safe.

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