Amazing pre-booking discount offers for Nov-Feb 2021 Bookings

Akin to last year, this year as well, we have decided to offer up to 20% discounts on pre-wedding and wedding photography, candid, cinematography packages.

We would also like to add that, this offer is not limited to any package and therefore is applicable for all packages.

Although, this offer was a success last year, I was asked by many of our clients, why do we do so and what benefit do we get out of this?

Simply put, we offer these discounts not because we want to run a marketing campaign, not at all. If we will have to run a marketing campaign, we would do it on a bigger level with bigger discounts. But, we are not running a business for mere profit and though this is not an NGO, our first-second-and third priority is fulfilling the commitment we have given to our clients and delivering the best of our work, putting all the efforts we can to deliver quality driven wedding photography and video; and implementing the 15+ years of experience we carry in the treasure box of our business.

How are these discounts applicable?

For instance, you want to get a prewedding photoshoot, in and around Ahmedabad, which will cost you nearly 15K excluding the resort booking if you wish to do it in a resort, you will get anywhere around 10% discount minimum on 15K and therefore the new package will be 13500 INR only.

To be very transparent, I want you to assume another scenario here. Lets say, you go for a complete package which includes prewedding photoshoot, prewedding cinematic, wedding photography and video and maybe more stuff such as drone, candid, etc., will be offering a 20% flat discount on the package stated to you. As simple as that..

What benefit do we get from this?

Firstly, we want to make our clients book their wedding photographer in ahmedabad, as soon as possible and not 15 days before wedding, because the earlier the merrier. Why so? Because when you book early, we are able to manage things and our team better and are able to pre-plan everything, which leads to better execution. At the same time, building a team early, gives us access to better team members and management, which in turn, will lead to better pricing, better quality members, and highly organised teams and equipment.

Let’s take a hypothetical example, if you book a LED 3 months in advance, the chances are, the LED guy will offer you a better price because he is getting a booking in advance, and he is assured of sales. Who does not want to be assured that they have business during season time? And who would not be happy to get advance bookings? And who would not love, as a businessman, to give some discounts to such early customers? I have not come across a businessman in my entire life, who would not cherish advance bookings and sales.. Have you?

Similarly, we would like to greet our early booking customers as well and will be more than happy to book in advance than a month before.. Plus, we get to manager early, ensuring that we have a high performance team and we are all set with our planning and equipment.

Have any other questions?

We may not be able to explain everything, every minute detail, here in this page, because nobody likes to read it all and it takes a lot of time at the other hand.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask Ajit i.e. me, on call or whatsapp – 9662417897.
Alternatively, you can email me your queries on [email protected]

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